Not All Promotions are Created Equal

Deliver thoughtfully-crafted coupons by GPS location to thousands of mobile phones, everyday.

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Expertly Crafted Promotions

We take the time to understand your business. We work with you to design and launch Flex promotions that meet your objectives.

We cleverly match promotions to our audience by age, sex, spending habits and interests.


High relevance ensures amazing conversion rates


Target new or existing customers


Configure different campaigns for different audiences


Push by GPS Location

All Flex promotions are actively pushed to users via GPS location. Push notifications appear on user’s phones whenever they are nearby! This allows you to grab the attention of customers who are within walking distance!


High Quality Customers

The type of customers your dining and shopping apps send you is important. You cannot be forced to constantly discount.

Flex Rewards is different. The type of promotion you send determines the quality of your customer traffic. We review and curate all our merchant partners and spend time crafting offers to guarantee that the experience of our members is always enjoyable. As a result, our customers are willing to spend a little more to always ensure a reliable and consistent experience.

Unlimited Promotion Types

The type of promotion you wish to send is entirely up to you.


Rewards delivered to user’s Giftbox


Push notifications alert user of new Rewards


Rewards collected in-App for immediate use in store

No Costly Hardware Installation

Simply key in a 4-digit PIN code in-store to confirm customer redemptions.


No extra terminals


No POS integration


No staff training


Flexible Terms, Fair Pricing

You keep 100% of what you sell! There are no charges, fees or commissions on any sales or bookings! There are no long-term contracts. Just a simple, transparent, flexible month-to-month service contract.


Hassle-Free Campaign Launch

Our dedicated marketing professionals will put together promotions that match your needs within 24 hours.

Want to do it yourself?

For clients who want to craft their own promotions, our merchant web allows you to create and launch campaigns from a beautiful UI within minutes.


Unlimited variety of retail promotions available


Intuitive online campaign builder


No training or coding skills required


Re-target high value customers

We track users who express interest in your brand. This allows us to re-target users to increase conversion rates and/or increase purchasing activity. In either case, Flex allows you to add new customers to your existing fan base and to speak directly to users who approve of your brand.


Monitor coupon redemptions in real-time!


View statistics to understand customer profiles


Adjust campaigns to improve results



A Better Way to Reach New Customers

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